UCS Central Stats DB Appliance

Blog Post created by jesilber on Jul 25, 2013

One of the signature features of the UCS Central 1.1(1a) release is the ability to maintain statistics for UCS Central's registered domains on an external database.     Among two of the major benefits are:

  • The ability to query statistics data directly, using SQL
  • Longer storage for statistics data, to assist with trending and capacity planning


As a way of helping accelerate the use and adoption of this feature, I've created a Stats DB Appliance.   This appliance is a pre-installed/pre-configured postgres database, along with scripts to quickly and automatically configure with UCS Central.


Hopefully this appliance will help with Demo and Proof-of-Concept activities around UCS Central.   However this is NOT intended for use in production environments at all.  


You'll find the OVA file and a quick README here:


Any questions, problems, or feedback, please post at


A big shout-out to Brad TerEick for his help in making this possible.


Enjoy (the time you don't spend configuring this yourself) !