Delivering a Better Meeting Experience, for Everyone

Blog Post created by lamarque on May 22, 2013

Virtual meetings have become an increasingly important part of the workday. Companies rely on technology such as video and web conferencing to help geographically distributed teams collaborate and be more productive.

The common denominator in all of these virtual meetings is the conference call. It’s a fact that the quality of the audio usually dictates the quality of the meeting. Think about how many times people complain about the audio breaking up, being too loud or too soft, or simply asking to repeat questions or points discussed because the voice quality is just not good enough?

New Cisco Unified IP Conference Phone 8831

New Cisco Unified IP Conference Phone 8831

The new Cisco Unified IP Conference Phone 8831 – a new phone purpose-built for the conference room – solves many of these audio challenges. Now, each user joining a meeting can expect the best possible meeting experience, with high quality audio that is akin to being in the room itself. The traditional definition of a meeting has changed, and with it, the tools needed to have a successful meeting experience must evolve as well.

As anyone who has led a meeting knows, the key to a successful meeting is engagement. But employees won’t speak up and engage if they’re frustrated by the meeting experience – if they can’t hear others or aren’t being heard if they speak up themselves. Large meetings can sometimes suffer from a lack of productivity and results because of this lack of participation.


The 8831 comes with several different extension microphones – both wired and wireless – that can be placed around a conference room to maximize the audio quality of a meeting with no dead spots.  In addition, for larger conference rooms, two 8831 phones can be daisy-chained together to ensure maximum room coverage.  Now, a person joining remotely can clearly hear comments from each corner of the conference room. Side conversations in the room don’t detract from the main speaker, allowing these remote participants to feel more engaged and part of the team.

Along with a full suite of Cisco UC features, the 8831 conference phone also prioritizes top quality audio communications. It offers wideband audio to deliver crisper, clearer sound and cut down on frustrating misunderstandings. For example, wideband audio can distinguish between confusing letters such as “S” vs “F” and “M” vs “N,” providing more clarity for all remote participants. The 8831 phone also leverages high quality microphone technology to deliver the best possible audio experience.

“After sharing our technology and strategic roadmap with Cisco, it was evident that Revolabs nicely complemented Cisco’s vision for the future conference endpoint,” said JP Carney, CEO of Revolabs. “We have been working very closely with Cisco to optimize Revolabs’ award-winning advanced audio technology, superior echo cancellation and acoustics, as well as wireless microphone technology, and the end result is stunning. We are very excited that the IP Conference Phone 8831 is now shipping so customers can experience first-hand the unmatched audio clarity and quality, as well as the flexibility offered by the  wireless microphone technology.”

The 8831, orderable today, joins Cisco’s comprehensive portfolio of collaboration solutions, each designed to deliver the best possible voice and video experience for live communications. Read moreabout the 8831 and see how it can improve your meeting experience.