Collaboration Field of Dreams

Blog Post created by jesmart on Mar 25, 2013

If you build it, they will come.  


This is a common approach IT or organizational leaders take when launching a significant, new strategic collaboration initiative which will change the daily lives of their employees, enabling them to  “work smarter” and make faster business decisions through any variety of innovative, communication-enabled technologies and business processes such as high definition video conferencing or business social networking.


Yet, for some years now, empirical data tells us that at least 66% of these new collaboration efforts are doomed to “strike out,” either to failing entirely or, at the very least, to not living up to their full business and collaboration potential.


Ironically, it can be the employees themselves, the intended beneficiaries of these new technology investments, who are often a critical component of the success of the new initiative.  Like all good team efforts, it takes the effort of every employee in the enterprise to ensure a successful result. 


It turns out that the “human factor” is sometimes the most complicated network for clients to engineer.   Barriers such as not fully understanding the reasons for change, not understanding the potential personal benefits for the change, lack of internal marketing or feedback mechanisms, or inadequate executive sponsorship can all contribute to failed technology deployments.


In addition, when organizations are considering making additions or changes to their collaboration toolset, it is useful to have customized information on how their specific organization is currently consuming and benefiting from their existing collaboration tools, and where the potential exists for increased value.


Helping our clients understand the value collaboration brings to their organization, whether through analytic studies or successfully maximizing the employee adoption of new tools is what Cisco’s Collaboration Change Management team does for our clients. 


How does your organization or organizations you've worked with handle change management and the introduction of new tools to enhance employee collaboration? 


Learn more about ways that Cisco’s best practices for change management and our Collaboration Change Management Practice by registering for an upcoming free BrightTALK webinar:


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