All Hands face to face

Blog Post created by jprillam on Oct 5, 2012

baseballhands.jpgI spent two days in a face to face team all hands strategic planning session this week.  The meeting went great. It had a fabulous agenda, great participation, whiteboarding, passionate discussions, and humorous anecdotes.  We "succeeded" as a team in building relationships.  As I celebrated my 2 year anniversary with Cisco, it was great to finally meet my entire team in person but....


We could have done virtually all of the work via our video units.

We would have consumed less time and been more productive. 


REALITY CHECK! -- There was more to our agenda than just the work.  We needed to connect as people, friends and colleagues.  It was important to meet face to face and the most memorable part of our meeting this week was the fabulous "working" dinner where we just sat and talked.. as friends. That foundation is what is critical for teams. 


Your collaboration tools augment and scale relationships but they do not replace face to face needs entirely.


Plan accordingly.