Improving Business Process through Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Blog Post created by dalbello on Sep 6, 2012

I attended my second VMworld in San Francisco last week, and I’m seeing a change in the desktop virtualization discussions I’m having with customers.  It’s no longer just about the technologies but how it impacts (either positively or negatively) the business process.

There are some business processes common to most companies such as supporting contact center agents and onboarding of contract workers who need only the VDI components but also the communication and collaboration capabilities to do their job--often from remote settings such as their homes.

In fact, a recent analysis based on our customers’ Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure deployments revealed that when VDI implementations are combined with unified communications, some customers are seeing total cost of ownership (TCO) savings of up to 25% that is driven by substantial savings in administrative, security, and operating costs — not to mention increased worker productivity and effectiveness.


I discuss these topics in a video interview with at VMworld San Francisco.