Cisco Extends TelePresence to Rugged and Remote Locations

Blog Post created by mibaird on Jun 15, 2012


Not so long ago, OJ Winge unveiled Cisco's mission to ensure the "Power of In-Person" experience to everyone and high-quality, life-like video would be delivered to all users and environments in any organization.


Cisco continues to enable and extend telepresence throughout organizations worldwide for any environment. Our latest technologies - the new VX Tactical endpoint, ISDN Link and ISDN Gateway - allow telepresence more deployment flexibility in new locations regardless of environment or connection options.


The new Cisco TelePresence VX Tactical is a ruggedized mobile endpoint built for “in-person” conversations with other members of their team no matter where they are in the world. Portable and ruggedized, the VX Tactical offers the benefits of mobility through a hard case-style form factor that is ideal for use in military, emergency response, oil and gas, and construction environments where field work is often required. The VX Tactical features a high-impact plastic shell with an aluminum interior frame to provide structural strength, and is designed to be water-, sand-, chemical- and corrosive-resistant. It can be used virtually anywhere – in a Humvee, tank, fire truck, even on an oil rig – so that, anywhere you can get an Internet connection whether it be IP, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or satellite, you have TelePresence with you.


Speaking of flexible connections, there are many areas of the world where ISDN is the only option, or where connection to external networks such as V.35 is required. For example, small branch offices of banks located in smaller cities across the globe may only have ISDN connectivity, which previously limited customers' choices in the telepresence endpoints they could select. This was kept many of our customers on the MXP platform - but with the new Cisco TelePresence ISDN Link, a compact appliance that provides ISDN and external network connectivity, our customers can upgrade to our latest products: Cisco TelePresence EX, MX, SX and C Series endpoints. The ISDN Link is a great companion product to the VX Tactical, which is often deployed in remote locations where ISDN is the only connection option.


While the ISDN Link is used for ISDN connectivity with one or two endpoints, the new ISDN Gateway would act as a network resource for ISDN connectivity for multiple endpoints.  ISDN Gateway competes the connectivity for customers with a dispersed network. The ISDN Gateway products support all Cisco Telepresence endpoints to enable a collaborative and secure ISDN network for a HD telepresence solution no matter where the customer is located in the world.  So no matter whom you want to talk to, where they reside, whether they use IP or ISDN, you will be able to connect in seconds and experience HD video.  The solutions continue to support new use cases as we continue to build out our telepresence technology that brings people together anywhere anytime.


Cisco TelePresence VX Tactical