Customer Collaboration Takes the UK by Storm

Blog Post created by johnher on Nov 2, 2011

I spent last week in the UK meeting with a host of customers, partners, consultants, analysts, and reporters.  After a busy and intense week of long days (and a few evenings), I can say that I have never seen a market so ready for Customer Collaboration and for how Cisco is approaching this market.


Over the next several days, I’ll be sharing some specifics in additional blogs, but I thought I’d kick things off with a summary blog.  Beginning with my first day of meetings, I was struck again by the enthusiasm of the Cisco sales teams for Customer Collaboration, reinforcing what I blogged about recently in Cisco Customer Collaboration driving aggressively to #1.The reporters I met with keyed in on important aspects of Customer Collaboration, including social media and cloud-based contact centers; they were also particularly interested in customer stories. I will be sharing more on my press interactions as articles are published in the coming days and weeks.  


Speaking of customers, James Hughes, the global communications manager for our customer Investec, was very interested in the innovation we are delivering for desktop virtualization and the contact center.  Additionally, he mentioned, “We're excited about the merging of technology between voice and video as we see multiple benefits for the customer. As a banking institution where servicing the client is at the heart of everything we do, being able to get information faster and more efficiently is a key strategic driver.” It’s clear that leading customers like Investec understand that the market has changed from contact center to Customer Collaboration.


On the partner front, key partners including BritishTelecom, Cable&Wireless, Touchbase, and JAM IP/KCOM universally indicated agreement with Cisco’s approach to the market and see significant opportunity ahead with Cisco in this market.  I will include some additional details in a follow-on post, but these two quotes from partner executives are representative of the discussions we shared.


“We are really excited about the Cisco developments in customer collaboration and are looking forward to going to market with Cisco in this field.  The combination of our UK and Asia coverage combined with the Cisco technology will mean our customers will benefit from the simplicity and quality of the platform wrapped up in a great service.” -- Dominic Jones, Managing Director Applications and Practices, Cable&Wireless Worldwide


“When a company like Cisco says it is going to be number one, you have to pay attention. Cisco has the scale, the skill, the determination, and the financial might to execute on its vision. Things will happen.” -- Suzette Bouzane Meadows, Director, JAM IP


As you can see, there is tremendous excitement as we accelerate our efforts in the UK.  Stay tuned for additional details on my recent trip over the next several days.