Not all contact centers are created equal

Blog Post created by johnher on Oct 20, 2011

Contact centers have been around for decades, and since it is a mature technology, potential buyers sometimes believe there is little difference between the offerings from the various vendors.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

While it's certainly true that the major contact center vendors can provide traditional functionality such as interactive voice response (IVR), skills-based routing to agents, and associated reporting, the question then becomes "And what else?" Although traditional contact center functionality is still vital to customer care, the industry is evolving asbusinesses of all sizes strive to provide customer care in the manner in which today'scustomers wish to be served.  This transition to what Cisco first defined as Customer Collaboration combines traditional contact center technology and processes with key innovations in social media, Web 2.0 agent workspaces, video, and network-based recording and analytics to empower businesses to forge deeper, proactive relationships with their customers.

When you think about implementing or upgrading a contact center, have you considered how your business or organization will keep pace with today's consumers?  Do you have a strategy for Customer Collaboration? I share some additional thoughts on this topic in my video blog at We also have a whitepaper that describes Customer Collaboration very nicely at

Times are changing, and investing in platforms that will deliver contact center performance today, while offering a clear path to future capabilities, is the decision that leading organizations continue to make to ensure that they remain differentiated in their markets.  Think about all of this as you consider your customer service goals and strategy, and you’ll probably agree that not all contact centers are created equal.