Cisco Customer Collaboration driving aggressively to #1

Blog Post created by johnher on Oct 18, 2011

Cisco's contact center business is growing more than twice as quickly as the market, and we are driving aggressively to become the #1 vendor worldwide.  As I talk to customers, press, analysts, consultants, and partners, I continue to see momentum on our side.  Market trends, changes in the competitive landscape, and customer desires are all responsible for this momentum.  Of course, I think that we are creating some of this momentum for ourselves as well.  Let me share some insights.


Contact center has become mainstream within Cisco, a real change from the niche market view of customer care that the company had in the past.  The talented Cisco sales force has embraced our industry-shaping innovations in Customer Collaboration, which combines traditional contact center technology and processes with key innovations in social media, Web 2.0 agent workspaces, video, and network-based recording and analytics to empower businesses to forge deeper, proactive relationships with their customers. Customer collaboration empowers our own customers to succeed, and there is clear focus on this market, starting with key Cisco sales executives, who exhorted the Cisco sales team at the global sales kickoff in August that, “The time is now for Cisco to stand up and claim leadership in Contact Center.”  Needless to say, hearing that from one of the top sales leaders in the company put an extra spring in my step.


But the increased focus from the field did not come by accident.  To best fit the Cisco sales model, products must have a simple yet compelling message, and be easily positioned across multiple market segments and verticals.  Customer Collaboration provides such a message, while our product portfolio addresses a comprehensive range of customer profiles and deployment options--even as we simplify ordering, packaging, and support to further enable the sales process.  Product specialists ensure the success of the largest and most intricate implementations, even as the general Cisco sales force supports replicable “run rate” deployments.


To reach the scale that it takes to claim the overall leadership position in the market, we rely on our channel partners as much as our direct sales force.  As I described in a recent blog ( partners are critical to our drive to #1 in the contact center market. The Americas Customer Collaboration Partner Sales Summit, held two weeks ago in the Boston, Massachusetts area, confirmed that our partners are aligned with us and excited about our mutual opportunities.


Cisco's customer care sales "engine"--encompassing our industry leading products, the Cisco sales force, and our channel partners--is clearly firing on all cylinders.


John Hernandez