Enterprise 2.0 conference: Boston Notes, Quotes, Tweets 2 keep

Blog Post created by jprillam on Jun 21, 2011

I couldn't attend the conference in Boston..but I did watch the livestream keynotes this am.. and I reviewed the twitter stream for little over an hour...

Be sure to check out the official Conference Page featuring Cisco's leadership


and this Excellent Interview with Cisco VPs.. re: their participation in the conference and the keynote sessions.




Below are some of my own notes/tweets and links worth keeping..


Gartner Identifies Five Collaboration Myths <>

"Social business tools cant be rolled out.. will grow when become a solution 2 nagging business problem” <>  #ChangeMgt

Summary notes from #e2conf day one. #GoodStuff - < Recommend: Getting beyond Tech Section #ChangeMgt

Enterprise 2.0 Adopts Rapid Fire Keynote Format <>

Good 2 Great People? Great teams, great companies, great organizations of all kinds are... <>  #HBR

HMMM How2define "video appropriate" staff? for Video collab... #e2conf
Video collab requires "video appropriate" staff? interesting point #e2conf

Enterprise 2.0 must focus on Customer 2.0 ... or fail!  #e2conf  #Choose  #relentlessCustomerFocus

'How can I help you improve your business?' Not 'Meet our new social collaboration tool!'

Questing & Connecting dispositions are key to sustained extreme performance improvement.#passion is inversely related company size #e2conf

If Lily can figure out social biz in highly regulated environment, any company can. #e2conf

A culture of low trust, really inhibits collaboration... build trust and collaboration will start. #e2conf

Twitter stream from #e2conf  is really excellent view into speakers and social media Entreprise for next generation. #highQuality

this quote (by whom?) was fave of crowd: "Social media doesn't transform your culture, it exposes it."

The ability to take real time collaboration to record it and index it to make it available asynchronously is very important. #e2conf

humans are deeply social animals: Andrew McAfee MIT Sloan Mgt review #e2conf  . My PoV: this is stifled in the enterprise

Andrew McAfee: old fashion bosses still represent a blocking force with their thinking rooted in 20th century thinking #e2conf

"real danger isn't computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers." Harris Andrew Mcafee #e2conf

Its about people, not process. -- Biggest Secret of Social Media <>  #collaboration