SocialMiner Best of Enterprise Connect - Thank-you

Blog Post created by famous on Mar 4, 2011



I would like to pass on a few thank-you's for the Best of Enterprise Connect award recently won by Cisco SocialMiner.


  • Thank-you too our customers and partners who collaborated with us as we developed this product.
  • Thank-you too the Cisco SocialMiner development team that took project Boris (<---ask me for the inside story on that one.) from concept to delivery in 12 months.  Their hard work and dedication to delivering great software shows in the result.
  • Thank-you too John Hernandez, Barry O'sullivan and the rest of the Cisco management team for giving us the funding and opportunity to make this product.
  • Thank-you too the Enterprise Connect judges for recognizing Cisco SocialMiner.  We were honored to be a finalist with such a great set of enterprise communication products and of course we were thrilled to win.


Tod Famous

Product Line Manager

Cisco Enterprise Contact Center