The New Workspace for Collaboration

Blog Post created by jgaudin on Feb 16, 2011

After talking about Challenges Extending the Workspace, I want to discuss the new workspace and what it means for collaboration.  The new workspace allows a level of accessibility to people and information in a social and visual context across a virtual environment using any device.  The new workspace is enabled through the use of services that different communication applications and devices can use.  Break down the boundaries that exist between silos by enabling your applications to consume the services.  Presence is a great example.  By using presence as a service any application that displays presence information can pull from the service.  Now your presence is correctly displayed in a Windows client, Mac client, web client or mobile client.  The user doesn't have to check presence in different areas, it's available and correct everywhere. 



More and more capabilities are existing on more and more end points and limiting users to specific end points is no longer an option.  The consumerization of IT is driving the need for new levels of information sharing beyond traditional document-centric and into voice and video in a social context that's accessible from any device.  The new workforce is driving (and in many cases leading) the shift to the new workspace and the capabilities of the new workspace allows them to work more effectively and efficiently in the same way they interact with others in their personal life.  I touch on this in What is the New Workspace? and am curious how you see the workspace evolving, what challenges you had to address, and how you overcome them.