Workspace Capabilities are Network Limited

Blog Post created by jgaudin on Feb 4, 2011

In the networked environments of today, we see a number of capabilities in our workspace that enables us to work more effectively and efficiently.  Many of these capabilities are offered in an environment running across the network, but unfortunately that environment may be a subnetwork that limits the availability and flexibility of the capability to be used in other environments.  In the brief video below, I give a "chalk talk" on four capabilities that enterprise workspaces need to offer today and while it may appear that these capabilities are available in the innovative enterprise of today, they really are limited by the subnetwork that provides the capability making it increasingly difficult to deliver the integrated experience that users are demanding.



The four capabilities talked about in the video map into key business drivers for technology investments: social software and mobility improve productivity, video offers an enhanced experience and vituralization lowers TCO.  There's a fifth capability not mentioned in this video, but it is mentioned later in the series. Let me know what other capabilities you feel are required for the workspace and in the next installment of this series we'll look at some of the challenges with today's workspace.