So what is, 'A Collaboration Vision. In Plain English'?

Blog Post created by jmoran2 on Feb 16, 2010

Sites like this one have the potential to be like the extras that you get on DVDs; providing glimpses into the thought process behind the production and often times, content that never made it to the final cut.  Consider A Collaboration Vision. In Plain English one of those 'extras' to the Cisco Collaboration epic.


This video was the result of some brainstorming by myself and a few people from Cisco's Advanced Services Collaboration practice this past summer.  The intent was never to convey, or even imply, Cisco's product roadmap future.  It was simply an exercise in creative thinking with the sole intent of provoking some internal dialogue that would perhaps expand our thoughts about what Cisco's role could be in the collaboration space.


In sharing this video on Cisco Community Central, I'm looking to provide some of that behind-the-scenes insight showing just how broad the spectrum of ideas can be within Cisco when it comes to collaboration.


So with that, thanks in advance for watching and I welcome any and all comments.  And for the competitive lot out there, let's see what alternative (and hopefully humorous) names you can come up with for CICNaaS (you'll have to watch the video to find out what that is).



For those of you already familiar with CommonCraft, you should recognize the presentation style (hence the CiscoCraft reference). And credit to Wired magazine for their article about the changing landscape of the auto industry, which provided inspiration for industry context incorporated into the video's narrative.