Unified Communications Manager 8.0 is an Anchor

Blog Post created by robarnold4 on Dec 2, 2009

I'm still trying to get into the fine detail of the new and enhanced products announced as Cisco Collaboration several weeks ago.

While Cisco analyst relations points me to video data sheets on the Cisco site, I'm looking for more depth than that - more detail on speed and feeds, and comprehensive lists of what work has been done. I'm told that as these new and enhanced products are rolled out over the next few quarters the appropriate documentation will be made available.


The tough part for me in doing my job as an analyst is being patient rather than pushing too hard for material that probably isn't in shape for presentation as of yet. However, it will be incumbent upon Cisco to deliver on all of the things unveiled at the Collaboration Summit and to do this within the general timeframes initially provided.


At this point I do know this: Cisco Unified Communications Manager remains the lynchpin of the company's UC thrust (note that I'm using the term "UC" seperate from "collaboration").

But while UCM 8.0 is the anchor, the 8.0 software rev did not receive as much promotion during the Summit as did brand new solutions (Show and Share, Enterprise Collaboration Platform, MXE, IME, WebEx Mail, UCM Session Management Edition, etc) and very impressive updates to existing products (Telepresence, Contact Center, Presence, Personal Communicator, Mobile Communicator, etc). A number of these do not rely on UCM (for connectivity, session control, etc), however many of them do. As a result, and though maybe not as sexy as some of the other R&D accomplishments on display from Cisco, UCM 8.0 deserves and needs its time in the spotlight.