Moving to a Business Focused Software Upgrade Strategy

Blog Post created by racette on Nov 11, 2009

The trend towards Cisco solution-based software development cycles/system approaches has created opportunities for organizations to plan, evaluate and execute a Cisco product software upgrade strategy that more closely aligns to the proactive business needs of the organization as opposed to reactive single-product approaches. The decision to upgrade should be based on business need and relevancy across technologies in order to achieve the optimal result. As this approach considers more than one technology/product and is business focused it can be thought of as a holistic software upgrade approach.


The significance of this approach is two-fold. First it allows for the operational efficiencies gained from a better orchestrated software upgrade strategy (along with the associated baselining of outdated code) and more significantly it allows organizations to identify increased productivity/marketplace opportunities and holistically adopt the associated software solution(s) in order to meet the related goals.


There are many factors to consider when adopting this type of software upgrade approach. The ability to  evaluate these factors and establish organizational approaches upfront will allow for the more effective adoption of the strategy:


Some areas to explore in advance of any solutions based upgrade include:
1. What formal and informal networks do you share information regarding software and its relative value and which do you base your decisions
2. What are the compelling features and enhanced business functionalities required in order to make an upgrade decision
3. Which compatibility concerns influence exhaustive internal testing prior to implementation/how can these be satisfied with the same degree of quality and less effort on the part of the organization
4. What are the expected operational costs associated with testing, implementation, remediation and support and how do they influence upgrade decisions



As the speed of business accelerates, due to better connectivity and  more compelling/richer collaborative environments, the ability for an organization to evolve their environment with greater speed and efficiency will play a role in their overall competitiveness. By moving your software upgrade strategy to align itself more holistically will enhance your organizations ability to adopt and lead.