Impressions of Day One - ECP is a Winner

Blog Post created by b.pleasant on Nov 10, 2009





Day One of the Cisco Collaboration Summit, and we got to hear from John Chambers and Tony Bates. Chambers, as always, did an amazing job of positioning Cisco as a leader and innovator.


While Chambers discussed many topics, I was glad that he addressed specifics about collaboration (since it’s a Collaboration Summit, after all). I totally agreed with him when he said that the technology for collaboration is the easy party, but changing a company’s culture is hard, and it’s especially hard to change the way people work. He noted that collaboration needs to be driven from the top down to match a company’s business goals. It also leads to new business models, such as how to respond to a hurricane, or how you move operations to the data center.


Demo Master Jim Grubb also did his usual great job of demonstrating several new Cisco products, including the Cisco Enterprise Collaboration Platform (ECP), which lets users create and share social content and expertise. ECP brings together people, information, and communities in an integrated collaboration experience. Customers will have to wait for this, however, since ECP is just going into beta trial today with some key accounts.


I expect to get more detailed information about ECP in the next 2 days, but here’s the basic idea. Similar to IBM’s Lotus Connections and products from smaller Enterprise 2.0 companies like Socialtext, ECP is a social software portal application that lets users form team spaces and communities of interest where they can search for individuals with specific expertise, share information, and collaborate and communicate. As Grubb demonstrated, communities can be dynamically created based on a project, for example, and people and resources can be brought into the community quickly and easily. Based on tags and other criteria, users can search for individuals based on skills or expertise and bring them into the community. Using Cisco’s UC tools, users can integrate real-time voice and video capabilities, and send IM’s, initiate real-time voice and/or video calls using click-to-call capabilities. They can also invite other people to join the discussion. Community members can share blogs, wikis, videos, documents, and other information within the shared community workspace.


During my cocktail party discussions with some Cisco folks, I was glad to hear that Cisco acknowledges that other vendors have similar social software tools, and they’re not the first ones in this area. However, we agreed there is a gestalt that occurs when ECP can be integrated with Cisco’s UC tools, allowing for a richer collaborative experience, with real-time voice, video, and chat capabilities.


I’m looking forward to getting more specifics about ECP and the other new Cisco products – and hopefully I’ll get better as using my Flip video camera and will be able to share video from the conference.