Chambers: Collaboration is the foundation for operational excellence and growth

Blog Post created by LopezResearch on Nov 10, 2009

The event kicks off with Alan Cohen. He said there will be a change in the very structure of how business occurs. Technology has always played a significant role in economic recovery. Mr Cohen says that the new wave of technologgy will move beyond  improving transactional processes to technology that improves people-centric processes. He also stated that firms want social software to work with existing systems, be secure and be able to connect  across companies.


John Chambers keynote focused on how collaboration will be the foundation for the next generation of business. Cisco is committed to how collaboration will provide the foundation for a decade long era of productivity across businesses, governments and educational institutions.

Key takeaways from the keynote

  • 70% of communications is non-verbal. Collaboration is the most fundamental change to business since the assembly line.  Video is the way we communicate, faster and more effectively. Content finds you based on community of interest.
  • Virtualization changes the way we work  and provides a foundation for collaboration. Collaboration provides the foundation for business transformation.
  • Every big move that has transformational effect for a company takes 5 years to accomplish. Chambers noted that Proctor & Gamble, GE and other leading companies will lead by building speed and flexibility into its business processes.
  • Operational execution wins over innovation most of the time but to do it right you need to bring it together.
    It is an innovation engine and operational excellence combined that captures market transitions
  • The set of Cisco collaboration tools has allowed Cisco to move from command and control to teams that can focus on 30 priorities. As a result it expects to grow 12-17% and increase productivity by 10%
  • Video and collaboration will move across everything. The Starent acquisition is about the edge of the network and making it suitable for video.


My take: I completely agree. Collaboration will allow firms to improve business processes, leverage workforce talent more effectively, and provide a foundation for innovation. It will allow companies to work togehter to create new products and services at a speed and cost profile that couldn't be acheived in the past.