UC System 8.0 Unleashed

Blog Post created by robarnold4 on Nov 9, 2009

UC System 8.0 is in fact more of a portfolio than a single system.


And with Cisco again touching on many points of its portfolio with 8.0, similar to last year's 7.0 introduction, the company has also delivered on highly anticipated integrations, including PostPath and Jabber assets, as well as virtualization with UCS.


I'm excited to dig into all the nuances of UC System 8:



-Intercompany Media Engine

-Unifed Presence 8.0

-Unified IP Phones 9900 & 8900 Series

-Unified Client Services Framework

-Unified Mobile Communicator for Blackberry & iPhone

-Personal Communicator 8.0

-UCM Session Management Editon

-UCM Large Enterprise System

-Customer Voice Portal

-UCM virtualization