RIM Integrates with Cisco UCM

Blog Post created by DanMillerOpus on May 11, 2009

As I noted in a posting on the Opus Research Web site, it was nice to see RIM showcasing how Blackberry users can both command and take advantage of the call processing features of Cisco's Unified Communications Manager. All of the "cool" moved to top-of-mind when Google relaunched Grand Central as Google Voice are now available to mobile employees with their Blackberries, including the ability to have their office number make their mobile phone ring or the ability to originate calls from their Blackberries and have it behave like their office phone.


The announcement was part of a flurry of innovations that originated at RIM's eighth annual Wireless Enterprise Symposium. While much attention went to RIM's "core" products, like the ability to push content to Blackberries through the RIM Enterprise Server. The Cisco UC partnership was the major announcement surrounding the Blackberry Mobile Voice Server (MVS). So, while it's tempting for product innovators to put emphasis on high-speed data and video, it appears that good ol' voice will continue have a major role in justifying investments in UC and increasing individual productivity and "reachability".