Collaboration Experiences

Blog Post created by dhalliwell on Feb 27, 2009

Too many times, we have been called in after clients have purchased technology, and have tried to develop applications before really thinking through what problems they are trying to resolve with the technology, how they can increase internal efficiencies, or how they can positively impact customer interactions.  While there are enormous opportunities, it is critical to make sure that everything is in place to maximize the implementation of the technology.  Let's take an example.  Everyone is talking about SIP and presence technology, particularly in a Call Center when you are looking for "experts" to increase First Call Resolution.


There are great opportunities here, but organizational structure, and current workflows and processes must be examined in order to make this successful.


For example, when I contact an expert, is that expert going to consider my request a priority?  Who does that expert report to?  What else is on that expert's plate?  Will they respond to me?


From a workflow and process perspective, agents will have to be carefully schooled on when it is necessary to bring an expert into the mix.  It may be very tempting for the agent to pass the accountability for the interaction to an expert without trying to resolve it first.  This could create negative impacts, and poor utilization of an expert's time.


More importantly, it will be necessary to make sure that all of the proper reporting structures are in place before the technology goes live.  What metrics are you looking for in this presence application?  How will you measure first call resolution?


Technology can do almost anything today if used properly.  We just need to make sure our clients understand that.