The Connected Bus Stop

Blog Post created by brwalsh on Mar 31, 2015

One demonstration that Cisco showed at MWC 2015 was the “Connected Bus Stop”, which illustrated the role Service Providers can play in the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Everything (IoE).


Why Bus stops?


Bus stop shelters are attractive to advertisers – they are built just inches from the curb and are located on main roadways in the city at consumer destinations and in residential areas. And in urban environments especially, bus stops are located at important location intervals for the distribution of IoT services. In our demo of Cisco IoT solutions, we showed how gathering Wi-Fi analytics about demographics and interests of bus stop visitors helps better monetize the Digital Signage Advertising in the bus stop shelter.


We also showed how bus stop shelter operational and maintenance costs are lowered with video analytics to detect any vandalism, graffiti, etc. in the shelter as well as monitor the No Parking area in front of the stop with a Smart Parking solution. Furthermore, we showed how the Cisco Smart Lighting solution enables more effective management of bus stop lighting to reduce energy, e.g., to dim lights when no motion is detected.