Top 12 Blog Posts of 2013

Blog Post created by kelliwon on Jan 3, 2014


Firstly, may I say Happy New Year and I hope everyone had a safe and nice Holiday season. 2013 proved to be an eventful year in the Service Provider space with the introduction of the Network Convergence System (NCS) to power the Internet of Everything (IoE) as well as the release of the Cisco Global Cloud Index, 2012-2017 and Cisco Visual Networking Index Mobile Data Traffic Forecast, 2012-2017 to name a few. In the beginning of every year I like to gather a list of the Top 12 Blog Posts from the previous year to get a quick overview of hot topics and conversation trends within the Service Provider Community. It is safe to say that future predictions for the mobile industry took a front seat in 2013 with Cisco’s Stuart Taylor’s, Managing Director in the Service Provider Transformation Group, five part blog series Trends in Mobility. In the series, he offers insights and thoughts on Wi-Fi and the mobile Internet.


Throughout the year, the Service Provider Community has been able to on-board additional guest bloggers, each with different Service Provider expertise, backgrounds and perspectives on the Industry. You can learn more about each of our guest bloggers’ backgrounds and latest blog posts on the left hand side of the Service Provider Community Overview page. Many of our community’s guest bloggers have taken up the top blog spots for 2013 ranging from smalls cells coverage to mobile backhaul. One guest blogger in particular, Frank Rayal, has contributed a number of top viewed blog posts in 2013. Frank is a telecom industry strategist and consultant at Xona Partners and has expertise in small cells, backhaul, spectrum and LTE specifically. Other guest bloggers included in our Top 12 are Zahid Ghadialy, Managing Director at eXplanoTech, and Sridhar Pai, analyst and founder/CEO of Tonse Telecom.  One of our previous guest blogger as well, Jorge Guzman Olaya, provided blogs in both Spanish and English. Two of his blogs are featured in the Top 12 below.


View all Top 12 Blog Posts of 2013 here:


  1. Trends in Mobility #2: The Future of the Mobile Industry By: Stuart Taylor
  2. The Customer Is Not Right, When It Comes to Roaming Service By: Jorge Guzman Olaya
    1. Also available in Spanish
  3. New, Contiguous Spectrum at 5 Gigahertz Will Drive Transition to Gigabit Wi-Fi, Encourage Economic Growth By: Jim Scott
  4. The Hype & Reality of Small Cells Performance By: Frank Rayal
  5. M2M, Cellular and Small Cells By: Zahid Ghadialy
  6. Should Small Cells Be Deployed In Their Own Spectrum Band? By: Frank Rayal
  7. Mobile Backhaul Gets All the Attention from Asian Carriers By: Sridhar Pai
  8. Unleashing the Power of HetNets: Interference Management Techniques fro LTE-Advanced Networks By: Frank Rayal
  9. Cisco at Mobile World Congress 2013: How Service Providers Can Monetize Wi-Fi By: Stuart Taylor
  10. Wireless Security on Context By: Jorge Guzman Olaya
    1. Also available in Spanish
  11. When Will Small Cells Be Deployed? By: Frank Rayal
  12. Trends in Mobility #1: The Next Generation of the Internet is Mobile By: Stuart Taylor


I look forward to 2014 and providing you with full insider knowledge on all things SP and more industry insights from a number of great subject matter experts and writers.

Cheers to a New Year!

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