Using CUMI as Administrator to look at User Mailboxes

Blog Post created by cdnadmin on Mar 18, 2014
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Created by: Anil Verma on 08-08-2012 04:47:46 PM
Lately I am hearing about a lot of partners wanting to create applications where an Administrator would like to open up end user mailboxes and do various operations on it. E.g. Admin wants to know if the Mailboxes are going over limits, Admin wants to extract voice mails as wave files for some legal issues etc.

The CUMI by default is setup to be used with the end user authentication. For an admin to be able to look at the users mailboxes, you will need to add the "Mailbox access delegate account" role to the admin account.

If the admin wants to open the mailbox they would execute something like this while authenticating with the Admin user/password -
https://<connection server>/vmrest/mailbox?userobjectid=<object-id>
If the admin wants to directly open the inbox folder, they can use a query like -
https://<connection server>/vmrest/mailbox/folders/inbox?userobjectid=27937eb1-3e09-4f31-9f2c-825c086d14bc
The user object Id for the users can get got using the CUPI queries.
E.g. You can search for a user using a query like -