Fetchaudio Summary

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Created by: Anusha Kannappan on 15-11-2011 01:17:53 AM
The fetchaudio attribute specifies the URI of the audio to be played while the document is being fetched. It can be used with any one of the following VXML Elements <data>; <goto>; <link>; <subdialog>; <submit>

<submit next="/VXML/Server" method="post" namelist="VGAPI_vxmlLog" fetchaudio="/VXML/audio/Hi.wav" fetchaudiodelay="1s" fetchtimeout="100s" />

  1. All prompts queued prior to the fetchaudio will be played prior to the fetchaudio.
  2. All prompts played before the fetchaudio are non-bargeinable.
  3. Audio associated with fetchaudio is also non-bargeinable.
  4. All prompts before the fetchaudio are guaranteed to be played to completion, regardless of when the fetch finishes. See Known issues for important information regarding this point.
  5. Audio associated with fetchaudio will be interrupted as soon as the interpreter is ready to flush the next set of prompts from the queue.
  6. When a sequence of elements specifies fetchaudio, the interpreter interrupts the previous fetchaudio when it begins to process the next element that has a fetchaudio attribute.
  7. The interpreter does not loop the audio associated with fetchaudio. If the interpreter is still processing the associated request when the fetchaudio playback has completed, dead air will result. To avoid this
  8. It is recommended that your fetchaudio be much longer than your fetch. Consider a five minute audio clip.