APIC EM and TRex - the right approach to test a complex configuration

Blog Post created by imarom on Jul 13, 2016

APIC EM and TRex collaboration is a representive example on how a softeware based traffic generator can adapt

to the needs of the network in almost zero time.


Using APIC EM controller for configuring your network might impose a challenge on how to test a complex topology.

This has led the APIC EM team to request TRex dev team to provide a way to test a more complex topology.


Let's take a look at the following topology:




We wish to test this toplogy with a range of clients communicating with a range of servers.

Testing this kind of a network topology requires a way to divide the range of the clients to the clusters by providing:


1. Different VLANs for both directions

2. Different MAC addresses for each cluster

3. A way to direct different amount of traffic to each cluster


In TRex we were able to adapt to the need in less than two weeks !

The solution is based on a well known standards such as YAML format for configuration: