• Password Reset via IPIVR Integration w/ AD

    I have a customer who is looking to use the IPIVR to facilitate password resets.  Are there any known best practices or caveats associated with this type of integration?
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  • Finesse Integration with CRM db

    Hello, Please can you advise about this issue: I want to integrate a virgin finesse with CRM database to get the customer info and to show it when the agent receives a call. What is the best method, as i find to appli...
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  • throwing custom exception from a ccx script

    Hello   So, I've created a jar file with some classes I've created. Some of this classes are custom exceptions.   I've created some scripts in UCCX 11.0 with some code relevant to my custom classes.  ...
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  • unexpected return type: java.lang.AbstractStringBuilder for method: append of class: java.lang.StringBuffer

    Hi All,   While trying to migrate our AEF scripts from 8.5 to 10.5 UCCX version, we are getting   109824: Mar 31 13:09:17.322 GST %MIVR-SCRIPT_MGR-3-EXCEPTION:java.io.IOException: unexpected return type: ...
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  • UCCX - Queue Alerting via SMS &/or email

    We are looking for a company-wide, standardized approach for our UCCX (v10.5+) call center managers (who may be physically distant) to receive actionable SMS text message &/or email alerts during normal business h...
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  • XPATH to select a random node

    Hi I'm trying to play a random prompt from a list of available prompts. I recognise that the 'Generate Prompt' step can achieve this but my prompts in question are going to be sitting in an XML file (see below) &l...
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  • UCCX Outbound/Callback Script

    Hi All,   I have a customer which migrate from Unify(Former Siemens) Procenter, where they have automatic callback feature. This feature works when caller hang up (abandoned call) after some configurable time an...
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  • UCCX Create URL Document

    Hello UCCX Community,   How would I set my parameters in the Create URL Document for the following REST web service?  The two classes (context & data) is throwing me off.  Thank you!   POST h...
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  • CCX editor scripting best practices refresh

    All,   Even though I have been scripting in UCCx over the past several years, my previous company relied mostly on the IP-IVR that had a script that hadn't changed in years. We utilized the UCCx system in a very...
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  • Caller Display Name on Finesse

    HI Team,   Can the name of a caller displayed (Display Name) on the finesse desktop as the call comes in. When I mean name of the caller, it for the calls which are being generated internally (from CUCM) to UC...
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  • Send caller to different application in UCCX?

    We're running UCCX 10.6, and we have 8 different Applications in UCCX. We have 1. Main number 2. Option 1 (from Main) 3. Option 2 (from Main) 4. Option 3 (from Main) etc... You can either call the MAIN number, or ...
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  • CCX route every other call to another destination

    We have a unique requirement to route half the calls for a specific CSQ to an external destination. Has anyone ever done this or any ideas on how to accomplish?  One thought was to increment the value in an xml d...
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  • Passing Data Between Applications

    We are using CCX version 10.6(1) SU2 with web services to collect information such as a contract number, doing a db lookup, and writing to an XML file. The question is how do we pass this data to another application a...
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  • Express Scripting FAQ

    How to get the average or expected wait time accuracy? Is there a CALL END API when the call ends? QHow to get the average or expected wait time accuracy? AYou can use Get Reporting Statistic step to view the current...
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  • Custom Java Web Service Integration with UCCX 9.0.2

    Hello,   I am trying to write some Java code that will interact with web services that my ERP has provided me using UCCX. I have uploaded the Web Service Java code to UCCX and did all of the necessary restarts. ...
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  • CCX Express Version 11

    Dear Team   we are trying to implement a scripting with the below requirements   1) Add into queue a parameter to notify the caller with ivr that the time to wait into queue is 1 minute for example ( somet...
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  • CCX 11 integration to middleware via XML page

    Hi, question on populating into enterprise data in Finesse (CCX) with a middle ware server that works via an xml page. The call flow looks like this..   1. We grab ANI off a inbound call to UCCX and write it to ...
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  • How to get LIVE current wait time (or OldestContact) per extension (CalledNumber) or priority?

    Hi All, I was asked to post this on this discussion forum.. I am hoping someone can help me (and my apologies in advance for my lack of proper terminology since I am not trained in UCCX at all). I wish to get live dat...
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  • Getting the Finesse Dialog Id from UCCX Script

    Hi,   In my UCCX script, I want to be able to get the dialog (call) id that corresponds to the dialog id that one obtains in the Finesse API calls and events. I have tried getting the 'Implementation ID' from th...
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  • UCCX 9.0 Outbound IVR Campaign

    This document was generated from CDN thread Created by: Rajasekar Padmanaban on 19-04-2013 05:33:18 AM Hi All, In UCCX IVR campaign i am trying to retrieve BAAccount number field in the script editor but no success...
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