How to upgrade the Broadcom Driver in UCS E-Series

Blog Post created by brtiller on Feb 11, 2014

When logging into the Cisco Integrated Management Controller (CIMC) which is the web interface for the UCS E-Series server, you may see a pop up message that recommends upgrading the broadcom driver.  It's important to upgrade this driver because not doing so may cause the system to become unresponsive.  Using the new Host Upgrade Utility (HUU) upgrading the driver is simple.  The upgrade steps are provided below.


1.  Download the UCS E-Series Host Upgrade Utility (HUU) ISO image.  It's available for download on the CCO at Download Software - Cisco Systems  or the UCSE Technical Center.  In either center, you'll need to log in with your CCO ID so that you can access/download the file.  If you don't have a CCO ID, you can create one by going to and clicking on the 'Register' link located in the upper right of the page.


2.  Access and log into CIMC.  On the Server tab click on the BIOS link and change the boot order to boot CD/DVD images first.


3.  Launch the KVM by clicking on the keyboard icon or the 'Launch the KVM' link.


4.  In VM Media tab select 'Add Image ...'.  Select and map the HUU ISO image.


5.  In the CIMC Summary page select 'Power Cycle Server'.


6.  The HUU image will load.  Select the check box to update the Broadcom driver, and start the upgrade.


7.  When the upgrade is done unmap the HUU image.


8.  You're done!