Beep Beep... on Record

Blog Post created by cdnadmin on Mar 18, 2014
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Created by: Ranjana Narayan on 15-07-2009 08:38:51 AM
Recently noticed that there have been repeated questions from our developer community complaining that they can't seem to get the beep to work with <record>. They have set the beep attribute to "true" alright, and the reference guide even says this is supported but why doesn't it work?

It fails to work coz  IOS still has a vxml version defaulted to pre2.0, you can check this using the "show run" on the gateway. And hence it still behaves as a pre2.0 compliant browser wrt some . Run this command at the CLI to make it 2.0 compliant
# vxml version 2.0
and voila!! the beep works

Another tedious way would be to add a beep.wav audio before the record element. Any takers?