Packaged Contact Center Enterprise (PCCE) Lab Now Available in Devnet Sandbox

Blog Post created by crnewman on Oct 24, 2016

Hi Devnet users,


I’m Craig and I’ve been working with the Sandbox team creating new labs.  Our newest lab is Packaged Contact Center Enterprise (PCCE) and the first phase of implementation for this lab is now available for Devnet users to check out for free!


PCCE fits within Cisco’s Collaboration product set and is more specifically a Contact Center product.  If you’re familiar with UCCX or UCCE, PCCE falls a bit in the middle.  It has capacity limits far beyond UCCX and comes in a Packaged format that requires less customization and is easier to setup than UCCE.  Additionally, PCCE provides an upgrade path to UCCE should your business needs change in the future.  Here’s a link to the PCCE home page if you want to learn more.


While we’re excited to release this new lab we do want you to know right up front that this lab is not complete. This lab focuses on Task Based Routing with Finesse and SocialMiner.  Agent voice capabilities aren’t quite ready yet but we’ll be providing these in an upcoming upgrade.


So then, you might ask, what can I do with a PCCE implementation that doesn’t support agent voice?  It turns out, there’s quite a bit!  This lab exposes Finesse Agents which can be designated to handle various tasks.  SocialMiner is integrated to provide a manual method to inject tasks towards the agents, but you can also code your own solutions!  You can create agents, supervisors, teams, and skill groups; experiment with our sample Finesse Gadget, build your own custom Finesse Gadgets, tinker with our provided Task Script or create your own Task script. While redundant hardware is not provided this is a full PCCE lab environment available for your use.


How does it work?  After logging into the Devnet Sandbox and reserving the PCCE lab, you will receive an email with VPN instructions and credentials to enter your private lab.  Once you establish an Anyconnect session from your local PC to the lab, you’ll have access to all of the devices within the lab.  Because some functionality is dependent upon being a member of the PCCE domain, it’s recommended that you Remote Desktop to AW1-A at to get started and follow through the introductory instructions for an overview.


Feel free to experiment and try things! You can’t break it, at least not permanently.   If you find you’ve made some changes that you need to undo, just cancel your reservation and start a new one.  You can find the new lab here


We hope you’ll give this new lab a try!