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Created by: Adrienne Moherek on 20-05-2013 11:01:37 AM
AXL Developers:

A new comprehensive AXL Change Notification Feature has been added to our Administrative XML interface in Unified CM 10.0. 

Due to scalability issues, the old Notification mechanism introduced in UCM 9.0 has been removed.  The old notification feature only supported Users, Phones, and Lines, was never documented, and was not able to scale to meet our needs.   Notification requests based on the 9.x mechanism will no longer work when using UCM release 10.0.  No alternatives were available.  We apologize for any inconvenience this change in direction may cause.

We are 100% confident the new 10.0 Notification feature is the right approach and aligns with our go-forward direction.

Please read the AXL Change Notification page which illustrates how your application can take advantage of this new, powerful feature

Upgrade your AXL Application

Posted by cdnadmin Mar 18, 2014
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Created by: George Gary on 18-12-2012 03:24:03 PM
Welcome to the new AXL Developer Experience!  Our portal has been redesigned with new content, How To’s, FAQs, Video learning, sample code, on-line documentation and more. 

Our AXL Versioning policy has been updated to provide greater backward compatibility and flexibility between releases.  UCM 10.0(1) will not support any AXL 7.x schemas.  Please read the new policy.

Read the AXL Versioning Policy Update and learn how to Upgrade Your Application to support the 9.1 AXL schema by following these steps:

Get Ready – You must upgrade your AXL Application as we deprecate the 7.x schemas in Unified CM 10.0(1)!

The AXL Interface Team

Welcome to Administrative XML

Posted by cdnadmin Mar 18, 2014
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Created by: George Gary on 04-09-2008 08:23:51 PM
Welcome to the Administrative XML Developer Tech Center designed to provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding the interface. 

As many of you have noticed, the look-and-feel of our Tech Centers continues to improve since our launch in June.  We are now working to apply those changes consistently across all of the Cisco Unified Communication Manager Interface Tech Centers. 

Please take a moment to subscribe to this blog so we may inform you of upcoming changes to the interface.

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Created by: George Gary on 03-08-2010 08:44:34 PM
Administrative XML Developers,

The AXL Namespace for Unified CM 8.5(1) will continue to align with the Unified CM release number as follows:
Release 6.0 = AXL namespace
Release 6.1 = AXL namespace
Release 7.0 = AXL namespace 
Release 7.1 = AXL namespace
Release 8.0 = AXL namespace
Release 8.5 = AXL namespace

Our survey revealed a 50/50 split of Developers who prefer the namespace to align with the Unified CM release (as shown above) vs retaining a single namespace for all releases. 

Another Partner survey is planned for our 9.0 release which will be sent to the entire Developer Partner eco-system to help ensure the AXL interface is meeting everyone's needs.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at

George Gary, Product Manager
Unified CM Integration & Interfaces
This blog was generated from CDN blog

Created by: Amanda Whaley on 19-10-2012 09:36:56 AM
AXL 9.0 supports change notification for users, devices and lines.  Read More about how to use AXL Notifications in your application.  Full documentation for the notifications feature will be added to the XML Developer guide in a future update.

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